Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tag, you're it!

Dear Readers,

I've been tagged by my e-nephew/son, Wert, to tell you all 8 unboring things about myself. Whether there actually ARE 8 unboring things I can tell you about myself, I'm not sure.

1. I like musicians and artists. Yes, I find they're generally crazy messes of human beings, but they can also be great storytellers.

2. I am very fond of tigers and ducks. An odd combination for sure, but I like them for different reasons. However I am not particularly fond of geese.

3. I have grown accustomed to living in the state of confusion. Literally and figuratively.

4. I don't hate snakes, but prefer that they remain in their natural environment and far away from me.

5. Someone once told me I had great eyebrows.

6. I dislike the fragrance of tea roses.

7. Some of my closest friends are people I've never met.

8. My favorite gifts are good books.

Now I tag Wolfie and Kansas Bob! :)


Wert said...

You can't tag someone who doesn't have a blog! :P Silly duck. :P

crownring said...

Wolfie can publish his list here if he so chooses, e-nephew. ;>~~~~

amade said...

eight eh?

Can I do it in German??? hehe

1. Ich Mag Klassiche Musik gern...
Ok.. I'll write it in Englisch...

1. This is a given. My passion is Music.

2. Another: I play the piano..

3. I also play the Organ and the guitar. And many other things.

4. I am a 12 year old at heart..

5. I like to daydream.

6. Philosophy is a hobby of mine.

7. I like to read Rousseau.

8. I like to sit and stare at the water, or the mountains.. or both..

Okay.. I forgot how many of these I needed...

Ok.. Hmmm.. WERT! your my tags.

Kansas Bob said...

I resonate with #7 :)

I will post my stuff some time this weekend at my Kansas Bob blog.

Happy Friday!