Friday, July 29, 2011

A Prayer Request For A Friend's Wife

I have a prayer request for the wife of a good internet friend. Ann is in the hospital in Chicago undergoing a new therapy to arrest and possibly partially reverse an auto-immune disease that has put her in a wheelchair. This procedure is much like they do with bone marrow transplants, except they use the patient's own stem cells to reboot the immune system. Ann was doing OK until she got an infection that has caused severe pneumonia. She's now on a ventilator and feeding tube. Her new immune system is fighting the infection, but her doctors think they might have to do a procedure to remove the fluid on Ann's lungs. Ann is also extremely frustrated because the ventilator makes it impossible to speak. Please keep Ann and her husband Bob in your prayers. They are a truly beautiful couple!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Prayer request for a dear friend........

I have a prayer request for a good friend of mine. Jody is a Viet Nam veteran and is now completely dependent on the V.A. for her health care since her husband lost his job due to medical problems of his own. Unfortunately she has developed a medical condition that is very painful and she desperately needs surgery to fix it, but her case has been stalled in the V.A. channels. Sadly, Jody's been advised by family members who actually work for the V.A. to not try to make any waves or her medical paperwork could disappear at the click of a computer mouse. Scary, isn't it? Jody's been waiting the better part of two months to have the surgery scheduled and if she has to wait much longer, it could well become a medical emergency. She's been in constant pain for much longer than that. Please pray that she'll get the medical help she needs sooner, rather than later.