Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yeehaw! We have phone service again!

Believe it or not, our land line went out last Thursday and we just had service restored today. In a bizarre swist of fate, our cell phone company decided to update their service from analog to digital last week, forcing us to sit on the deck or in the driveway if we need to make a call with a now obsolete phone. Believe it or not, I really didn't miss being online all that much, although I thought of you, my friends, a great deal. (Yes, we still have dialup.......gasp.) I actually got back into reading a bit, which should spark some better blogging in time. However we did worry a bit about receiving timely news from our family should something go awry.

I do have good news to share concerning my 94 year old father-in law. Dad's doing much better than anyone expected, truly a miracle in the light he'd fallen and lay on the floor for 12 hours before he was found and taken to the hospital. It may be possible that he'll actually be able to go home and resume his life, although the family would rather he go into some sort of assisted living or at the very least get a Life Alert to wear. We'll see how it goes, but apparently Heaven's declared Dad's got some living left to do, however long or short that time might be.

To life! :D


WAM said...

Ah-good to have you back crownring.
Phones can be a regular pain, but at least you have yours back now. Sometimes, it takes such things to really be grateful for todays technology. I know I am when such things happen- like power outages..

I now have close to a years supplies of providential food-non-perishables and such, ready to organize and put in the pantry- and label. Everything is going to be labelled. Nothing escapes. :)

Glad to hear things are better for your FIL. You are probably correct in your thought about having him in an assisted living situation- that doesn't necessarially mean "nursing home". There are many good living situations for Seniors today. There are Apartment communities that provide nurses for those whom need it, entertainment, social situations, travel and busing, good food and many other things. Its truly amazing what is out there.

If its right for him to be in such a place- then, the heavenly father will guide you so.

In the mean time- it sounds like you and your famillie are blessed to have him in your lives.

Wolfgang the tired

Wert.the.Wolf said...

I've been wondering where you were. ;) It worried me. :P I'm glad you're back.