Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simple things that make me happy.......

These are a few of my favorite simple pleasures........

A tiny troll angel with green hair that sits on my scanner/printer.

Daisies......wild ones that grow as weeds, Gerber daisies, any kind of daisy makes me smile.


Hubby practicing bass in the evening

Treasure hunting at the local thrift shop


a warm husband on a cold night

morning kisses

The kitty half-time show during the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet

chewing gum

How about you all?

Thanks to Enchanted Oak ( for the idea!


Enchanted Oak said...

Dear Crownring, you have blessed my day. You're the 100th post to share your simple pleasures in this benefit for Haiti. I've been waiting for you for an excruciating 25 minutes when all has appeared to fall silent. Your list was full of wonderful stuff! Cardboard??!! Warm hubbies on cold nights! Ducks! Chewing gum! You are the only one who said chewing gum. You are the only one who said several of these things blessed you. So hooray for you, and your lovely list. We've set aside $200 for Haiti tonight, and an anonymous donor is going to match that. Is this a blessing, or what?
Chris from Enchanted Oak

Kansas Bob said...

What a cool list ME! Thanks for sharing it!

crownring said...

Chris and Bob,

You two made my day! HUGS!