Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bottomline Books........Buyer Beware.

Ok, I admit it. I finally fell for the tv ad and the mail ads touting this fabulous book that offered cures for everything imaginable. You know, those two sisters on the imfomercial who seem so cute and funny who've done all this research and come up with all these home remedies for what ails ya? The book that costs only $39.95 and if you don't like it, you can send it back and owe nothing? I took the bait and ordered it.

A week or two later, the book arrived and it came as promised with all the little free side goodies. Problem was, the book did not contain only researched material, but was full of "We didn't try this cure for "whosawhatchamacallit", but it might work". Say what? " This might work " is the result of years of careful research? But when they actually quoted a so called "gem therapist", I knew the book supposedly full of wonderful cures was a complete crock. Trust me, I dig gemstones as much as any woman and I'm all for natural remedies, but I do not believe amethysts or any other rocks channel cosmic healing powers to the wearer. As for the free side goodies? Worth almost as much as the paper they're printed on. The old axion still applies. Free is generally worth what you pay for it.

Oh, btw, you can send the book back and "owe nothing", but they make it as difficult as possible to do so. I searched through all the paperwork for the instructions on how to return the book and found NOTHING definitive. Only after scrutinizing the invoice did I finally find an address in small type on the bottom of the form for "sending packages". And, yes, if you order one of these books and decide you don't want it, you're stuck with the return shipping costs. Granted, media rate isn't a lot compared to standard postage, but who needs to make a special trip to the post office at the price of gas right now? Intentional? Oh, you best believe it. They want you to pay for this book even if it means you only do so to avoid spoiling your credit rating.

Lesson learned? Just don't. Not even if Hugh Downs is on the imformercial. Anything that you sense is being over-hyped IS being overhyped.


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the wise advice - even if it was not free for you.

crownring said...

Hi Bob,

I've learned I may not be out of the woods with BLB yet. I went searching on the internet to see if anyone else had made complaints about the company and found this:


If I get any more books/packages from them, you can be sure it will all be sent back UNOPENED and marked "REFUSED". That way BLB will be stuck with the return postage and hopefully get the message that I want nothing further to do with that morally bankrupt company!

Wert.the.Wolf said...

NO! You didn't! Gah! *passes out* I cannot believe you fell for that. :P

WAM said...

Ah, well. We all have to learn expensive lessons on occaision. I am glad its nothing worse!

Thanks for sharing this with us. Its good info CrownRing.

Magma said...

wow....I just heard an ad for that thing.....thanks for the warning.

I think the gems and stuff might be for chakra and stuff(I saw something like that in Borders once)

and :P to wert.

ohhhh hi CR! cool blog!

SolaMeanie said...

Reminds me of when I bought a book touting apple cider vinegar as a refreshing cure all for what ails you.

I almost upchucked all over my kitchen when I tried it.

crownring said...

YEOWSA! Looks like I've struck a gold vein! Five replies to my topic? That's a new record for me!

Muchas Smoochas! :)

And WELCOME, Magma! I've bookmarked your blog and I'll be by to check it out soon.

Magma said...

yey! another friend looking at my blog! thankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOU!

Anonymous said...

I was suckered also, i mean "sew a tennis ball to the back ofyour pajamas to prevent snoring" holy cow. I sent the book back, now i'm waiting for 39.95 back. which i haven't seen.

Jan said...

Thanks for the advise. I almost ordered it but decided to do this research first. It is a good habit I do before I purchase anything that I know nothing about. It is a good habit of mine. Hugh Downs has stooped to an all time low in my book and he can keep his and I'll keep my money.

Fish said...

Hey there!
I am a fellow faller - want to return. What was that address you found? Did they get it back?

shirley said...

I have a good one for you. I recieved a box in the mail on Friday ,it was supposed to have 3 books in it. But the box was completely empty and i never even ordered anything anyway. But needless to say i have a bill for almost 48.00. So what do i do now??

Box said...

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Littleviews said...

It's really easy to contact Bottom Line Books and resolve problems. Go to www.bottomlinesecrets.com.

midge said...

Just saw an ad touting the book and decided to look around...always think these 'cure-alls' are a total crock but the Hugh Downs name on it made me wonder...so thanks all for the invaluable opinions...sorry Hugh!

AguilaFan said...

Hugh Downs was the only reason I let my guard down. Sounded bad, but HD "sold" me as I never figured he would do this. Never received the book, but have received collection letters form North Shore Agency in NY.

It is a numbers game. Out of 1,000 that ordered, if they have to return funds to 500, they still made $200,000.

anami said...

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Alnmurray said...
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Anonymous said...

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Patricia said...

Thanks for the advice. Similar problems with recieving unordered books. You'll find that with the internet, any cure you hear on the infomercial or the material you recieved in the mail advertisement, you can usually just google it and find your answers on the net. Look long enough and you can create your own little book of cures. Your advice is great and the research to learn the actual cure will cost you nothing. For example, they really push the one about using oranges to quit smoking... honey... just google "QUIT SMOKING WITH ORANGES". Good luck all with your research and savings.

olgalazin@mac.com said...

Hi, please give me that return address, as I took the bite, and now I am stuck with the book. SOS, please help.

olgalazin@mac.com said...

bottom lies idiots.

Dynamite1 said...

Thank you for your post! I only wish I had read it before buying the book. I did find it online for $5.00 however, so I am not out much but I agree that the book is not worth the paper it is printed on. It would be unethical to give it to a library or Good Will, so I put it directly in recycling.

ROSE said...

I received a bill today from BLB. called the 800 # and said I never received the book, and she asked if i wanted her to "resend" it, I said no thanks, and she said she would do me a great favor and take care of the balance for me. Also asked for my email address to send offers, I again said no thanks, and she said I will not be receiving any more bills..we'll see

ROSE said...

I received a bill today from BLB. called the 800 # and said I never received the book, and she asked if i wanted her to "resend" it, I said no thanks, and she said she would do me a great favor and take care of the balance for me. Also asked for my email address to send offers, I again said no thanks, and she said I will not be receiving any more bills..we'll see