Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Attacking the messenger.........

"I could care less, whether you "post" this on your sorry site, or not. You are an arrogant ignoramus, "approving" two others. Of course, your warm endorsement of (this person and his co-author) shows up on his blog. What shameless sluttery is this! It never ceases to amaze me, how one ignoramus (yourself) endorses two others and "presto!"; instant legitimacy! I think in your "heart of hearts" you know what a joke you are, and that your "Imprimatur" of these two anti-Christs impresses no one credible.

God have mercy on you!

Pastor (Not shown)"

Yes, brothers and sisters in Christ, the above tirade came from a pastor as a response to another Christian's review of a new book considered controversial in Christian circles. (No, that reviewer is NOT me.)


However if you'll notice, not a single word of rebuttal is expressed regarding the contents of the book itself, but only an attack upon those who dare to express those ideas. And, please, don't bother bringing up the Apostle Paul's angry tirade about the Jewish Christians insisting Gentiles had to become Jews (circumsized) before they could become Christians. That was an entirely different matter and Paul didn't debase the Gospel or himself by calling people names like "arrogant ignoramus" or using made up words like "sluttery". (Still I can't help thinking that if Paul had even the slightest inkling at the time that his letters would someday become CANON, that he'd have expressed himself a little more carefully on that particular topic.)

The reason I bring this topic up is because I find this line of attack extremely worldly and needing of repentance. I see this injustice used frequently against politcal figures and I find it even more disturbing when Christians use it against each other. Jesus said we had to make a choice, Him or the world and also made it clear that using worldly means in the attempt to bring about spiritual ends will not work. While I find this behavior in a pastor particularly reprehensible, all of us need be on guard against using it ourselves against anyone, whether Christian or non-Christian......and may God have mercy on those who do.

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