Sunday, August 26, 2007

Much ado about stuff and such..........

Maybe that's what this blog is really all about after all. Meandering here and there through cyber-space and taking in the sights. I've kept written journals in the past, but I've never felt terribly comfortable with spilling my guts for the entire world to see. But maybe, just maybe that's about to change. I'm reading historical books and becoming profoundly disturbed about the trends I'm seeing in American and world politics. I'm even more disturbed about the trends I'm seeing in the Church. I'm not entirely sold on "old time religion", but post-modern "Christianity" gives me the willies more and more. It would be nice if I could just go buy an island and let all this nonsense pass me by, but unfortunately there's not much I can do about being stuck on this planet.

BTW, have you ever wondered why God insisted upon humanity spreading out across the entire planet instead of staying in a huge metropolitian cluster? Could it be because He understands human nature far better than we do, including our desires to meddle where we don't belong and lord it over each other? Think about it........forcing humanity to spread out effectively limits the amount of power any earthy king/tyrant has to enslave a population and start wars, at least before the advent of aircraft carriers and H-bombs. Even the mighty Roman Empire fell when it overextended its reach and could no longer physically or financially support its military and infustructure. Ever wondered what our world would be like now if Archemedes's prototype of an early computer hadn't ended up at the bottom of the Aegan Sea 2000+ years ago? Start imagining Shakespeare's plays and sonnets having been written on a laptop instead of a quill and ink and let your mind go from there.

But that's just me..........thinking on such things that I dare not examine too closely 'less I scare myself half to death. :(


WAM said...

You know-- life as we know it is like a great pendulum. It keeps swinging back and forth. What is old, is new again- Like McCartneys song- Vintage Clothes. It all comes back. Don't let it scare you, just realize that the pendulum will swing back.

Just figure-it won't be long and life will be as it was in the 18th century...Some of that was OK. However, some of it wasn't.

I am not to thrilled with the way doctors worked back then- being bled is really a scarey thing. What is worse- medicine still practices it-they just call it something else.

Then too-- there were also revolutions, spys, secret police, bad plumbing, no plumbing, bad sanitation, corsets, powdered wigs, and peaseants, who suffered immensly.

And--there were no cars, trucks, hiways, airplanes,or ships as we know of them today. It was dangerous to travel, and usually the coaches were hard and uncomfortable-not to mention cold in the winter. Inns and Pubs were not the cleanest places to be-or the safest. Not a good period for women. Religeon was dictated-depending on where you lived. And,many times if you didn't follow their practices, you died, or were tortured. Punishment, at least in Austria, was truly terrible. It was also public. You could count on gory sights outside of the towns--thats usually where the rascals ended up. In Italy, it wasn't unusual for piano wire to be used- on criminals.

Ja,we long for the good ol' days.. but were they really good? In some ways they were, but you still ended up with many of the same problems that we have today, only amplified.

So- ja, the pendulum does swing, and we will repeat history. The question is- which history?


SolaMeanie said...

Postmodern Christianity is sort of an oxymoron, I think. Jesus is Truth Himself, and postmodernism denies objective, absolute truth. But so many are buying into it, lock stock and barrel.